Monday, July 02, 2007

Female Astronauts

Once again, two very different female astronauts,
setting two different records straight.

Indian-American female Astronaut Sunita 'Willeums'
returned safely to Earth much to the relief of her little
Muslim supporters in India.

Sunita Williams now holds the new record for the longest
single Space flight by a female. Yahoo slideshow here
and my feelings here : You glow, Girl !

Meanwhile back on Earth, the latest Lisa Nowak
update says her lawyer set the record straight on the
diapers found in her posession when she was arrested :
She wasn't wearing diapers. There were no Adult diapers.
There were some leftover baby diapers from
when the family
had to evacuate during
Hurricane Rita two years ago.
Link to AP/MSNBC coverage
here and my apologies to all
for the inaccuracy in reporting here :
Sorry !

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