Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ONE: A Different Kind of Vacation

Dear Fred,

As the temperature went up this summer, ONE members
like you didn't stay in to beat the heat. In the month of
August, ONE members organized dozens of in-district
lobbying meetings with members of Congress and sent
more than 90,000 letters to back those meetings up.

In those meetings, you advocated for poverty-fighting
legislation that offers practical solutions to problems
that keep millions trapped in poverty—from the
women-empowering GROWTH Act to the Education
for All Act, which would help a generation of children
get access to a real education.

You also stepped-up and responded to a special call to
advocate for the lifesaving Global Child Survival Act.
Your letters in support of the Global Child Survival Act
sent a very clear message: It is unacceptable that 30,000
children die everyday of preventable causes. The Global
Child Survival Act would make investments in low-cost
but effective lifesaving interventions, like immunizations,
vitamins, and basic sanitation. ONE members represent
the will of an American people that are ready to act.

Thank you. Your efforts reminded politicians in Washington
that there are millions of Americans who want to do the right
thing and lead the fight against global poverty.

The only thing more impressive than the sheer number
of letters and lobbying meetings is the impact they had.

The blog posts ONE members submitted about their meetings
with members of Congress show just how effective our
grassroots lobbying can be.

In Florida, ONE members met with Republican
Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart who:

...agreed to closely review the Global Child Survival Act.
He also agreed to support the GROWTH Act and saw
merit in the proposal to help women in developing

And in Alabama: ONE activists took turns briefing [Democratic]
Rep. Davis on three pieces of legislation: The Education
for All Act, The Global Child Survival Act, and the

Rep. Davis, commented that this legislation builds a
"case for American values." He said that there is a
perception "that America is no longer interested in
marginalized people around the world."

Davis' district consists of some of the poorest counties
in the US where as much as 30-40% of the population
live below the poverty line. Davis says he is sometimes
asked how he can spend time on global poverty issues
when the needs at home are so great. He responded
that "in a strong country, addressing poverty abroad
and poverty at home should not be an either/or issue
but a both/and issue..."

And Rep. Davis said that he "would be happy to
co-sponsor" these three important pieces of legislation.
We hit the TRIFECTA!

There is more work to be done and I look forward to
continuing to press for American leadership in the fight
against global poverty and disease. But when the day
comes that we can celebrate victories on critical legislation
like the Global Child Survival Act, I hope you'll remember
that it was the good work of ONE members taking action
early and often that made it all possible.

Thank you for your voice,

Josh Peck,


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