Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pardesi poster by Sam Millar

Pardesi poster2
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Recently found on the web. Relates to my father's artwork at the time, when he was working for the Indian film industry. If you come across this Soviet-Indian film you will catch me in approx. 12 seconds of the film, which was shot in Worli, Mumbai. I lived a few yards away from the film set and like the boys in the left side of the poster spent most days playing in the seaface. Originally I was scooped into the arms of the 'Pardesi' (foreigner) ship captain whose damaged boat lands in Indian waters. However that scene was chopped up so that all you see of me is a small boy with a loin cloth of sorts, no shirt, barefoot, running across the screen. It amazes me how this stays in my memory always, but if you had spent days on a movie set with all the cast and crew when you should have been in school, I suppose you would carry that memory with you too. Unless you have a poor memory for your childhood years.

The movie was held up for Soviet/Indian post-production and only released in 1957 according to if they are to be believed. My Dad did get IMDB credit for a couple of movies recently.

More on my father's art, for which he rarely ever got credit :

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