Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PETA : Too Hot For Houston ?

Alicia Silverstone
was too hot even for Houston, Texas

(where it's oppressive and humid more than half the year)
according to E! Online.

Ahhhh....Houston, my wonderful, 'safe' residence for the
past 11 years. Family-friendly, too. But not too animal-friendly.
Here y'all can walk into a store and buy guns and bullets over
the counter. Got you a couple kids you want to bring up as
proper Texans ? Take 'em to the Gun Show and Convention,
along with yer prized hunting rifle slung across yer shoulder.
Jes' make sure yew ain't late at the butchers' when yew bring
them deer carcasses to be ground for table venison, the
lines' gittin' longer every year !

Takes a two-legged varmint to git them fow-legged ones offuf
yer land....but we ain't gawn touch them nekkid Hollywood
nymphos nohow. This heah is the reel South, see, and y'all need
to show a young lady sum rispeck, now, y' heahh ?

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