Saturday, April 19, 2008

The (Dollar) Days of Our Lives

Never been to a Dollar Store ? I have, and not just
because I've been down on my luck financially. Dollar stores
often are just where you need to go when your regular
stores are closed or out of stock on a standard household item.
They offer one-stop shopping, convenience and basic value in
a crunch. Like if you need to get that tube of travel-size
toothpaste or shampoo for your overnight stay in another state.
From Gift Wrap and Ribbons to rolls of Toliet paper and film,
paper plates or coffee filters, your immediate needs will be met.
Yes, there are many items that fall into the 'questionable quality'
category, invariably 'Made in China'
.......but those don't involve food items, which are of domestic

I came across this ABC news clip which explores the possibility of
using the very same Dollar Store items to produce a Gourmet
meal.... so to speak. They got one of the top Chefs from the
Food Network and went shopping for the Dollar items, and then
showed the results on Good Morning America. The shopping
bill for the entire Dollar store meal came to $25 plus change, and
the taste test turned out to be pretty good.

When you consider the $112 tab for shopping for similar ingredients
elsewhere, there's something to be said for alternative sources like this
during the current US recession.

Of course, all this is not advisable as a daily alternative.
No "Don't try this at home" warnings here, just a healthy reminder
to try and utilize only the freshest ingredients whenever possible !

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