Saturday, April 05, 2008

THE India Street

Bollywood Masala+MTV+Money=Mo' Masala !

And what results is The India Street, another potent mix, aimed this time at
providing investment insights with a different slant.

Take All India All Money. Like Bollywood films, the makers of these videos
present their programs in an ever- campy style. This is a take-off on
CNN's Money Honeys with an Indian (and therefore slightly toned-down)
'Girls Gone Wild' feel. As you may have figured out by now, it's 'all tease,
all the time' in this arena.

High on India's booming economy and skyrocketing salaries, female anchors
and reporters keep their viewers perpetually drooling through sexual innenduoes ,
wiggling hips and flashes of cleavage, MTV-style. And that's just what they are
providing : info for the MTV Generation who are now the faces of the new
Indian Economy. Plenty of laughs here but in the final analysis it's all about
the 'Bottom Line'. Oops ! Did I just say 'Bottom' ?
Here's The Rising Rupee Trick:

More India Street videos on YouTube

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