Saturday, August 23, 2008

Raj Bhavsar. Tanned, Gets Bronzed

India can barely be mentioned in passing when it comes to the Olympics,
so when a story like this comes along I know it helps alleviate the
deflated egos of the self-styled biggest 'threat to China's World Dominance'.

Raj Bhavsar is that one in a million Indian-American, a gymnast who
successfully Bronzed at Beijing 2008 to put Houston, Texas and the
USA in the news once again. His very athletic Indian father Joe married
Kenyan-Indian Surekha, who attributes her husband's passion for Rowing
in this quote :

‘‘It is all due to my husband and his sporting background,’’
she says, adding, ‘‘He was keen that his sons shouldn’t be
typical Asian nerds but be good in sports too.’’

The last-minute alternate for Golden Gymnast Paul Hamm (who has
a hand injury) saw his road back to confidence complete after being left
out from the team for Athens 2004. As he turns 28 in September, he rightly
deserves the attention and praise he's getting. After you've watched the
YouTube video below,

go beyond the tan of his Gujarati heritage and deep into his mindset with this article

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