Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Roosevelt Residence Gets Meera's Anglo-Indian Touch

You know that old saying, "Behind every great man there's a great woman".
In this case, there was a great man sitting behind the woman in their classroom
at the Cathedral and John Connon school, Mumbai. He's an Indian, Vikram
i and she's Meera Teresa (Agarwal) Gandhi,

daughter of Irish mother Ellen Mary McCarthy and an Indian father,
Admiral Perbodh Nath Agarwal. That would make her an Anglo-Indian by birth.
The best of two worlds, Indian and Anglo-Saxon.

Now take these two out of out of their Indian upbringing, educate him at Harvard
and her at Boston U., and what you get is Credit Suisse's NY-based Managing
Director and Global Head of their Financial Institutions Group, right alongside
Meera the Humanitarian, Diplomat, Businesswoman, Socialite, Mother of three
and on and on....this lady seems to have plenty of time to be Superwoman not
only in the States but all over the globe. The best of two worlds, Indian and
Anglo-Saxon now gets globalized.

Like the Roosevelts, another power couple before them, these two often play
host to the famous, the wealthy and the power brokers of the world...and do it
in the same building as the Roosevelts. Yes, they purchased the famed Roosevelt
Residence on Manhattan's upper-crusty Upper East Side

for over $4 million, renovated it and now it's up for sale, for close
to $20 million as of Dec. 2007 ! According to her personal website, Meera
'knows every nut, bolt and screw' in the famed residence since she personally
oversaw the entire renovation and redecoration project. Being an avid collector
of Indian Art but highly aware of the society she has evolved into she has given
the place an unique ambiance that you cannot find elsewhere. One of the girls'
rooms has a roomful of assorted percussion instruments, the other girl has her
guitars and amps strewn all over while the son indulges himself in the
World Wrestling Federation and everything in between.

I caught an interview of Meera Gandhi on Pan Desi Prime Time via ColorsTV
but you can view direct YouTube coverage here.

If you want to learn more about the Eleanor Roosevelt Mansion -or buy it-
just visit Brown Harris Stevens Properties and tell them I sent you. I promise
I won't make a cent off the sale :-)

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