Thursday, August 07, 2008

RealAge Update

RealAge : My online Health advisors are Indian-inspired again

A Spice That’s Nice for Your Pancreas

Wake up your taste buds, and protect your pancreas while you're at it,

with some Indian food this weekend. Or try a Thai dish.

Turmeric -- the spice that gives curry and other Far Eastern fare its

strong, distinctive flavor -- may lower your risk of pancreatic cancer.

So find that takeout number.

It's Good to Be Yellow
Curcumin, the yellow stuff in turmeric, may do in tumor cells. When

researchers added the substance to cancerous pancreas cells, production

practically shut down -- thanks to a clampdown on cytokines, chemicals

linked to tumor growth and cell survival. (Find out why Indian food

after a workout may make you feel a whole lot better.)

Pancreas-Protective Foods
When you want a healthy, happy pancreas, you've got plenty of foods to

choose from. Try these, for instance:

Recipe Corner
This scrumptious EatingWell recipe, Potato Curry with Peas, can
complement your main course or make a satisfying (and heart-healthy)
main meal. Either way, it's sure to please!
RealAge Benefit: Making healthful substitutions when cooking can
make your RealAge 3 to 12 years younger.

3 Feel-Better Postworkout Foods

What's the best snack to grab after a major workout? How about a bowl

of whole-grain cereal, a bite of Indian takeout, or a big nonfat latte.

Each nosh option has a special ingredient that may help your body

recover better and nip postworkout pain in the bud.

The 3 Cs
What, exactly, do these snacks have that others might not?

The three Cs: carbs, curcumin, and caffeine. A carb-rich snack like

cereal can help you overcome fatigue by restoring glycogen -- that

stuff your muscles use for energy. Curcumin, a substance found in the

Indian spice turmeric, may help quell muscle inflammation. And caffeine

from coffee may help block muscle-pain-producing substances.

(Coffee has other health benefits, too. Read about them here.)

More Pain-Free-Exercise Tips

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