Sunday, August 24, 2008

Snoop Goes Bollywood in Singh is Kinng

No, I haven't lost it or given in to the ubiquitous Bollywood mash-ups
a.k.a. Masalas being churned out in the media. Even tho' The Big 'B'
and his son and daughter-in-law were accompanied by a spectacular crew
of dancers and other Bollywood celebs here in Houston recently
while on a world tour.

Elsewhere, Aug. 22 was the date for the opening of another blockbuster
which I never heard of but now will probably remember forever because
this one has Rapper/Hip-Hop King Snoop Dogg teamed up with
Kumar for the title track which was composed by U.K Bhangra
band RDB. And because my sister who lives in Long Beach, CA says the
Dogg may be seen walkin' his dog on the beach some evenings since that's
his 'hood. Anyway it seems here Snoop wants to show who's really da King
and turns out that Singh is ' Kinng ' most of the time. Maybe that's why
he's allowed to use more than one 'n' in 'King'. Or maybe it's a nod to the
Dogg who uses 2Gs to spell his moniker, a common practice among artists
in this field. I don't knnoww. Sharing this should make me feel more hip but
so far I'm not feelin' it. I am more than amused though, that this flick has its
own wiki and was filmed in Australia for the most part - since 'Singh' here
refers to an Australian mob boss. Really.

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