Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Google is Nice....

...but Flickr is quicker if it's a particular picture you
I've made many useful connections with it, and
below are
a few examples.

Flickr works as a great Search engine for folks who need
pics of all kinds,
freely available under a Creative Commons
License. I granted
these rights to my Flickr photos - since I
didn't consider
them to be of much interest except to those
within my
immediate circle. Then recently I received an email
Schmap Guides informing me that a 10 year-old photo
of mine was being used for the
New Orleans Sights and
section of their Guides, under the Creative
Commons License granted by me to all....
a license that is
available to YOU, too !

click to enlarge

I was thankful, flattered and animated at the potential
that Flickr offers unskilled amateurs such as myself,
armed only with a little Vivitar DVC (minus tripod).
The exposure (no pun intended) courtesy of the Flickr
site is deeply appreciated. In this fast-paced, hi-tech
world of today, people are conducting searches not at
the desktop and laptop alone but also on the go, using
Blackberries and iPhones. Search results in turn are
now being created and released on the fly, and things
are certainly flying along and checking my Flickr stats
I discover, heyyyy...
here's more pics of mine , this
time being used by BooRah, which bills itself as
'the ultimate, personalized review guide providing
consumers a smarter way to find great restaurants'.

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So Google all you want but do take a look at my photo
collection, leave a comment,
Fave a pic, or simply Add
me as a Contact. This is Networking
that works. Try it !

My Flickr Faves

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