Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year 2008 for Me

Forgetting the lists of the Top Albums, Celebs,
Strange, Weird and Outrageous that they come
out with around this time, and instead taking a
closer look at
10 Things I will remember about 2008....

The Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Hurricane IKE

Obama For President

Long Beach California

Las Vegas Nevada

One of my photos is now on on the official
Schmap Guide to New Orleans

Approaching 26,000 visitors to this Blog

Getting a new Toshiba Laptop

Joining Facebook

....and taking a flight after a gap of 10 years

In a very disturbed world where American Politics were
given a jolt by their first-ever Black appointee to the
Presidentship which then took a backseat to the
Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, after
a devastating hit
to Texas by Hurricane Ike I took my first
airline flight
in ten years and wound up in Long Beach California
and then Las Vegas

reunited with childhood long-lost friends on Facebook and settled into using my first new Laptop PC which made me scramble to be productive once again on Flickr and here on Virtual Poona Where will all this take me in 2009 ? Hopefully to a more widespread audience, and better communications with those whom I would like to count as friends and family. Wish me luck!

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