Friday, January 16, 2009

Proud Mary is a Texan

Mary Margaret Wilson, that is- not the lady CCR
sang of way back in the '70s. Mary is the sister of
Chesley B. Sullenberger III,

the quick-thinking savior of an entire Airbus-load of
passengers aboard Flight 1549 from LaGuardia NY
that 'landed' in the Hudson River yesterday.

The Herald Democrat
Texoma quotes Mary's reaction to
seeing the news on TV : "And I thought to myself,
'That's something my brother could do."

Just like that. The man nicknamed 'Sully' has a sister who has no
doubts as to his skills and character, for she knows that he first
made headlines flying at the age of 15, even though it was a
crop duster he flew back then. "He would be the one person
who could land a plane in the water without any engines",
she said recalling her lack of nervousness while flying with him.

The people of Dennison, Texas are equally proud and we
should be hearing a lot more from them about this hero who
was raised in their town.

And you can be sure Sully's wife Lorrie

is as proud as Mary, as she keeps on burnin' with love
for Scully. I mean, Lorrie is no slouch either. Just go
check her out at Fit and Fabulous !

Updated Feb 2, 2009

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