Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Teach Your Children'. Well......

Southern charm and manners are often touted as highly desirable
but I think this goes beyond all human decency since it involves
the greatest gift a human couple can possess - the gift of a child.

But rather than cherish, protect and shower love on their innocent
daughter, a couple in Galveston, Texas chose to train the toddler
via a 'daylong torture session in which the toddler was beaten with
belts, dunked in cold water and flung across a room so violently that
she died,' according to an AP news article.

This is something that not only sickened but reduced jurors
to sobs, and
personally I can't even bring words to bear on how
badly I'm feeeling
about this. Especially since somewhere in
Florida there's another little
body, found murdered and awaiting
a proper funeral and burial.

Galveston County Daily News on 'Baby Grace'

Fox News coverage of the Caylee Anthony case

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