Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Brother In Space ?

Yes, Big Brother down here on Earth, watching Outer Space contestants.
That's what we might need, and sooner than we think. A sponsored TV-Reality show like 'The Apprentice or 'Big Brother' that seeks ratings by moderating, keeping tabs on, recording and sharing worldwide could be prove to be very useful in International Space Relations and Commerce.

I am bringing up this 'Big Brother/Apprentice-type' idea because the highly-touted International Space Station ( ISS ) has run into International issues between its current Cosmonauts and Astronauts. The issues in question are those of sharing the exercise and toilet facilities, among other things. Here are some of the gripes being aired, brought to us by the unflinching folks at FOXNews

' MOSCOW — Squabbles on Earth over how cosmonauts and astronauts divide up the space station's food, water, toilets and other facilities are hurting the crew's morale and complicating work in space, a veteran Russian cosmonaut said, according to an interview published Monday.

Gennady Padalka told the Novaya Gazeta newspaper as saying space officials from Russia, the United States and other countries require cosmonauts and astronauts to eat their own food and follow stringent rules on access to other facilities, like toilets.'

Imagine an International group of hand-picked astronauts and Space Tourists, all attempting an experiment to solve the problems that are now presenting themselves regarding Commercial ventures and partnerships in Space. The winner would be given a fully-financed contract to operate the first Lodging facility in Space. The General Manager of, say the ISS Hilton Hotel and Conference Center would have his work cut out for him, ensuring that the itinerary and facilities for those attending are literally out of this world. The Highest standard of Excellence would also be an award to aim for, with complimentary cocktails and unrestricted use of the facilities included, in the hopes of creating a successful Flagship commercial enterprise.

Not too far-fetched an idea, from my experience as a former NASA-area Hilton Manager.

Full story from FOXNews here

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