Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Cosmote Strategy

You could call it this a mash-up of Greek proportions, a 'Greek Chorus' of voices
performing a superbly crafted original piece of original choreography set to a swaying
melody, under the waychful eye of the conductor onstage at Athens' largest acoustically-balanced theatre. But this is far from a Greek tragedy. Rather, it is a triumphant celebration worthy of any Olympic showcase of the future. The performance involving Mobile phones, landline Phones and Laptop PCs is a neat and impressive piece of creative media advertising for the leading mobile telecommunications provider in Greece, Cosmote.

Cosmote, like most of it competitors worldwide seeks to widen its base by actively participating in local and national events, events that naturally require vast amounts of data to be transmitted at the fastest rate possible. Their programs for working to improve the lives of children and People with Disabilities by donating substantial revenue amounts to charities is just one way they stay ahead in their market.

I personally like their statement for the 'Cosmote Ranking List' in competitive Sailing:
"that which takes on a journey, brings us closer together"

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