Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dig These Single Guys

Women are often said to drive men crazy and it looks like this time around they may have succeeded, but in a positive way. They've got some men literally digging for wives in the remote Indian village of Barwaan Kala.

Amarnath Tewary wrote this piece for the
More than 100 unmarried villagers in India's Bihar state are working
flat out to build a 6km (3.7-mile) road to help their efforts to get married.

Some 121 villagers aged between 16 and 80 remain bachelors, they say,
because of the remoteness of the village
It's not that the hilly terrain of the remote village is inaccessible that
keeps outside women and men alike away. There is the fear of Maoist
militant operations in the area, severe lack of basic amenities and
a government school that has no teacher. Not quite the setting for any
'Batchelorette' to nab a groom. Speaking of which, this would be one
'Bachelor' Reality show I would actually tune in to.

BBC, can you hear me ?

Full story at the

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