Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Fans for Bob Dylan

KTLA Report from Behind Dylan Residence uploaded by Fred Miller
KTLA Report from Behind Dylan Residence
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Be prepared for journalists' creative juices to start flowing for this story from The LA Times yesterday. They're all racking their brains for famous Bob Dylan songs they can mine for the latest news about him.

Music Icon and long-time resident of Malibu, California Bob Dylan has a new set of fans aimed in his direction. But these aren't hordes of new, adoring music fans. No, these are 5 industrial, electric fansaimed at Dylan's residence by his neighbors. And the protests they have aren't exactly Dylan-esque. See, Mr. Zimmerman (Bob's real name) has employees that have to use an outhouse when they have to, you know.... GO. So like a lot of other celebs who seek to keep the hired help secluded, his contract with them thoughtfully included Port-a-Potties.

Now how cool is that ? Pretty cool, but not for the neighbors who soon discovered the odors from the portable loos linger around, like one of Bob's classic lyrics. Problem is, his lyrics didn't stink anywhere near as much as these toilets. The nieghbors are now seeking some answers as to what is being done to stop the stench of sewage, and all they're getting is bad jokes that say the answer, my friend is 'Blowin' in the Wind'.

....But Dylan's neighbors who contend their patience has run out have plenty to say about the odor.

"It started in September. I'd go into the frontyard and get nauseous," said Cindy Emminger, 42. "I couldn't figure out at first where the smell was coming from."
Her 8-year-old son, David Jr., was sickened by the stench. Then she became ill too.

"We both have allergies and are sensitive to chemicals," she said. "I finally noticed that they had moved the porta-potty directly in front of my front door."


"Mr Civil Rights is killing our civil rights!" David Emminger told reporters, while pointing out the controversial, blue portable lavatory, which is behind a storage container next to a wire fence that marks the border of Dylan's property.


Dylan's property, Point Dune remains one of the most valuable bits of real estate property in North-Western California but right now it's costing his neighbors downwind an increase in electrical bills, thanks to the industrial fans they have installed.

Does Dylan care about those fans ? His Management agency in New York won't say.

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