Monday, July 20, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

Something I posted on Facebook that you may not have
A neat Podcast....listen and enjoy.

The raging reporter Egon Erwin Kisch of yesteryear Europe
lives on in today's driven, attacking PhotoJournalist/Blogger
who floods the entire landscape with his passion.

A Superhero reporter as depicted by the photographer,
Umbo, Egon Kisch experimented with multiple exposure,
unusual camera angles, photomontage, collage, and
x-ray film. He took part in FiFo (Film und Foto), the
important international exhibition of avant-garde
photography and film held in Stuttgart in 1929
(Catalogue of Cleveland Museum of Art). Way ahead of
his time.

I tagged most of you so you can use this as a point
of comparison in YOUR creative journey, not because I
am seeking comments. I'm just looking for an alternative
landscape from the ones I keep seeing on Flickr, Facebook,
etc. At times like that I find it helps to take a look at the past
.....I'm nostalgic to the bone.

If you like Podcast and videos related to Art and Art
History, visit

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