Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hollywood Does Bollywood on IFC

Photo credit: Kerry Monteen/IFC

From the NY Times Review of 'Slumdog Millionaire' :
" In the end, what gives me reluctant pause about this bright,
cheery, hard-to-resist movie is that its joyfulness feels more
like a filmmaker’s calculation than an honest cry from the heart
about the human spirit (or, better yet, a moral tale).

Long before the Slumdogs' Millionaire creators convinced
Hollywood that Bollywood deserved
greater Hollywood
treatment (since Bollywood had been
giving itself the Hollywood
treatment for decades)
Filmmaker Mira Nair had slowly
but surely paved
the way for this day, giving us her deep
and personal insights into an alternate Indian film culture.
Mississippi Masala', Bride and Prejudice, Salaam
Bombay and
The Namesake all attempted to arouse
Hollywood Film Moguls to the unseen dramas of Indians
abroad and at home
And now Hollywood sits up and takes
notice of the still-untapped but burgeoning Bollywood market.

With lush scenery like India as the backdrop for
hijinks played by a diverse
cast that includes Keanu Reeves,
David Alan Grier
, Maya Rudolph and others, this new
Mini-series promises to keep all Bollywood fans
and amused.
Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan is a wannabe
Hollwood hero
who isn't making it to stardom., Fed up with his
situation, he
seeks his fortune in Bollywood, figuring he has the
insider advantage to get his big breakthrough moment
via the Mumbai film industry.

Subscribers to the wonderful Independent Film Channel are
the only ones who will initially be able to enjoy this comedy
starting Aug. 6, 7 and 8. The best I can do is push this trailer
and hope anyone who has access to the actual show will
sharing this with the rest of us ;-)


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