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'Teach Your Children'. Well......

Southern charm and manners are often touted as highly desirable
but I think this goes beyond all human decency since it involves
the greatest gift a human couple can possess - the gift of a child.

But rather than cherish, protect and shower love on their innocent
daughter, a couple in Galveston, Texas chose to train the toddler
via a 'daylong torture session in which the toddler was beaten with
belts, dunked in cold water and flung across a room so violently that
she died,' according to an AP news article.

This is something that not only sickened but reduced jurors
to sobs, and
personally I can't even bring words to bear on how
badly I'm feeeling
about this. Especially since somewhere in
Florida there's another little
body, found murdered and awaiting
a proper funeral and burial.

Galveston County Daily News on 'Baby Grace'

Fox News coverage of the Caylee Anthony case

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Backstage with Bono - Inaugural Day 2009

Message from Josh Peck at

Dear Fred,

Yesterday, U2 performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people at "We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration" concert at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. ONE co-founder Bono took a few moments backstage to record this message to ONE members. Check it out here:

Thank you for your voice,

Josh Peck,


Friday, January 16, 2009

Proud Mary is a Texan

Mary Margaret Wilson, that is- not the lady CCR
sang of way back in the '70s. Mary is the sister of
Chesley B. Sullenberger III,

the quick-thinking savior of an entire Airbus-load of
passengers aboard Flight 1549 from LaGuardia NY
that 'landed' in the Hudson River yesterday.

The Herald Democrat
Texoma quotes Mary's reaction to
seeing the news on TV : "And I thought to myself,
'That's something my brother could do."

Just like that. The man nicknamed 'Sully' has a sister who has no
doubts as to his skills and character, for she knows that he first
made headlines flying at the age of 15, even though it was a
crop duster he flew back then. "He would be the one person
who could land a plane in the water without any engines",
she said recalling her lack of nervousness while flying with him.

The people of Dennison, Texas are equally proud and we
should be hearing a lot more from them about this hero who
was raised in their town.

And you can be sure Sully's wife Lorrie

is as proud as Mary, as she keeps on burnin' with love
for Scully. I mean, Lorrie is no slouch either. Just go
check her out at Fit and Fabulous !

Updated Feb 2, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Google is Nice....

...but Flickr is quicker if it's a particular picture you
I've made many useful connections with it, and
below are
a few examples.

Flickr works as a great Search engine for folks who need
pics of all kinds,
freely available under a Creative Commons
License. I granted
these rights to my Flickr photos - since I
didn't consider
them to be of much interest except to those
within my
immediate circle. Then recently I received an email
Schmap Guides informing me that a 10 year-old photo
of mine was being used for the
New Orleans Sights and
section of their Guides, under the Creative
Commons License granted by me to all....
a license that is
available to YOU, too !

click to enlarge

I was thankful, flattered and animated at the potential
that Flickr offers unskilled amateurs such as myself,
armed only with a little Vivitar DVC (minus tripod).
The exposure (no pun intended) courtesy of the Flickr
site is deeply appreciated. In this fast-paced, hi-tech
world of today, people are conducting searches not at
the desktop and laptop alone but also on the go, using
Blackberries and iPhones. Search results in turn are
now being created and released on the fly, and things
are certainly flying along and checking my Flickr stats
I discover, heyyyy...
here's more pics of mine , this
time being used by BooRah, which bills itself as
'the ultimate, personalized review guide providing
consumers a smarter way to find great restaurants'.

click to enlarge

So Google all you want but do take a look at my photo
collection, leave a comment,
Fave a pic, or simply Add
me as a Contact. This is Networking
that works. Try it !

My Flickr Faves

Friday, January 02, 2009

Purple Is for Pride

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You may have heard of 'Purple Haze' and 'Purple Rain' affecting people
in many ways, some inspired to try to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix, while
others have sought to sing or dance like Prince, errr... the Artist Formerly
Known As...Before He Went Back To Being Known As.......Prince. I think....

But who knew the color Purple (movie association unintended) could move
people not only to sing and dance but take flight?
This color symbolises so
much to so many, it's right up there with Red for Valentine's and Stop signs !
Yes, Purple Songs Can Fly, all the way into Space, just one facet of a
project engineered by a hospital in Houston, Texa

One year ago today, the highly-esteemed New York Times visited the
Texas Children's Cancer Center and followed up with a great article on how
Songwriting and Recording in a Studio setting are proving to be an
immensely valuable therapeutic tool in the battle against Children's Cancer.

"“Just treatment is not enough,” Dr. Poplack said to the New York Times.
“We want to have
a psychosocial impact so that the children are not only
cured, but healed as well.” He said
breakthroughs over the last 50 years had
raised the survival rate of children with cancer
to 75 percent from 10 percent.

Anita Kruse, who founded the Purple Songs Can Fly Project with her own
money saw her Mission Accomplished in 2003 as her song
If We Can Fly to the Moon, written as a September 11th tribute, flew over
5 million miles around the earth with astronaut, John Herrington, on the
Endeavor Shuttle Mission.

Here are some links that I hope you will use because this is one effort that's
just too good not to be considered :

*images above are from this site

The New York Times article Jan 2008

In the mix, Sugarhill Recording Studios in Houston

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year 2008 for Me

Forgetting the lists of the Top Albums, Celebs,
Strange, Weird and Outrageous that they come
out with around this time, and instead taking a
closer look at
10 Things I will remember about 2008....

The Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Hurricane IKE

Obama For President

Long Beach California

Las Vegas Nevada

One of my photos is now on on the official
Schmap Guide to New Orleans

Approaching 26,000 visitors to this Blog

Getting a new Toshiba Laptop

Joining Facebook

....and taking a flight after a gap of 10 years

In a very disturbed world where American Politics were
given a jolt by their first-ever Black appointee to the
Presidentship which then took a backseat to the
Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, after
a devastating hit
to Texas by Hurricane Ike I took my first
airline flight
in ten years and wound up in Long Beach California
and then Las Vegas

reunited with childhood long-lost friends on Facebook and settled into using my first new Laptop PC which made me scramble to be productive once again on Flickr and here on Virtual Poona Where will all this take me in 2009 ? Hopefully to a more widespread audience, and better communications with those whom I would like to count as friends and family. Wish me luck!