Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gandhi's Shadow Speaks Boldly Now

“If Gandhiji were to return to life now, he would take the next
flight to London, fall at Queen Elizabeth’s feet and beg her to
come back. He would take back his observation that self-
government is better than good government.”

These are the words of a man who was virtually the Mahatma’s shadow in
his last five years.

V. Kalyanam, who joined Gandhiji’s staff on his release from Agha Khan
Palace in Mumbai after the Quit India Movement, believes Gandhi’s
followers and successive generations have let him down. “At least
Manmohan Singh had the courage to admit the British had good
governance. But for their exploitation and racial discrimination, you really
can’t fault the Raj. Now you not only have a corrupt administration but
exploitation and discrimination in the name of class and caste,” he says.
- from a Hindustan Times article, Oct. 2nd 2005

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