Monday, October 24, 2005

Not a whiff of Salsa in Santana's latest

Carlos Santana continues to cast a spell on fans


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Carlos Santana casts a spell on fans everywhere he goes.
Whether it's his music, his line of women's shoes or his
fragrances for men and women — both named
Carlos Santana
— the star's fans follow his every step.

"He can sell anything," says Gilbert Garza, who was first
in a line
of hundreds to meet the star as he signed his
fragrance bottles
recently at Foley's in the Galleria.
Hugging a bottle of the men's
version — a musky scent
in a bottle inspired by a guitar —
Garza said he's been a
fan since the '70s. "I like his music, his
style, his spirit,

This article is:

Here's Carlos' explanation of why he thinks he isn't 'selling out' :
"Humans are becoming more aware that cake and ice
taste better when you share them," Santana said.
"Because of
the lessons Mother Nature is teaching
humans, I feel that we are
becoming a better place.
For me, the clothes, the shoes, the
cologne, it's all about
giving back."

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