Monday, October 03, 2005

US visa rules and frustrated Indian wives!

As reported by
Press Trust of India
Posted online: Monday, October 03, 2005 at 1840 hours IST

Washington, October 3: Thousands of wives of skilled professionals
from India and other countries who come for temporary work,
extending over several years, are increasingly frustrated because
the visa regimes in the US does not allow spouses and dependents
to work, however qualified they are, a report said today.

Nearly half a million H-1B visas have been issued in the last four years
and about 300,000 visas have been issued for the professionals'
dependents, who cannot work, according to a front-page report in
The Washington Post. "Having a trailing spouse in today's day and age
is not dealt with," said Immigration lawyer Elizabeth Espin Stern of
Baker and McKenzie LLP. We have neglected these individuals and
their families. It is an arrogant stance and an insensitive one,"
the daily quoted her as saying.

The backlog of applications for green cards or permanent residence
visas which are the gateway to citizenship and which allow holders to
work is now 300,000. A typical case is that of Hanuma Samaveda
living in the Greater Washington area. She came to the US after
marrying her husband who is on H-1B. She has an MBA degree and
experience as a finance manager at an accounting firm in India.
But here she cannot work unless and until her husband gets a green
card or permanent visa.
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