Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cenk Uygur: There is No Iraq

I try to keep Politics to a minimum here but had to share this link to an
article by Cenk Uygur.
He co-hosts "The Young Turks" on Sirius
Satellite Radio, a show that covers current events from politics to pop
culture under the motto, "We don't make the news, we make the news

Everyone is wrong -- from the arrogant neo-clowns who brought you this war to
the mindless bureaucrats who maintain it to the well-intentioned intellectuals

that are grasping for a decent and humane way out. Humpty Dumpty has fallen

off the wall and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put
back together again.

Whether people want to leave or stay, the assumption is that they have what is

best for Iraq in mind. But there is no Iraq.

Today General Casey and General Abizaid admitted in the United States

Senate that after two and a half years, they have only been able to train one

Iraqi battalion. One! You could blame this on the incompetence of the
or the administration – and one is tempted to because that is usually
the correct
answer these days – but there is a better explanation.
The Iraqis have no
allegiance to their central government. They do not wish to
serve in its army or
to die for its goals.
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