Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Indians and Auto Status

* From the New York Times, Dec. 5th 2005 :
Poor Indians rely, in addition to their feet, on an extraordinary
array of contraptions for transport. They pile on top of buses in
the Indian version of the double-decker. They ride tractors and
bullock carts and pack 13 strong into Tempo taxis made for 6.

What they cannot regularly rely on is public transport.
While New Delhi and Calcutta have built subways, most cities
have not, and they face severe bus shortages as well.
Cars speed by waiting bus riders, who stand like spectators.

The rise of the auto, and the investment in highways, dovetails
with a larger trend of privatization in Indian life, in which the
"haves" are those who can afford to pay for services the
government does not provide: efficient transport, clean water,
good schools, decent health care.


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