Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Wishes For You

Dear Family and Friends,
this Christmas, as I'm busy at work and you're busy
partying or whatever, remember to thank your Maker
that you are together with your loved ones.

Then have another round,
light up another one, put
another Shrimp on the barbie, or just sit around and
Be Happy !


  1. Hey there Fred!

    Thanks for the wishes and keeping us posted. I must say your site is
    entertaining and informative. Look forward to each and every one of
    your postings... needless to say I
    also appreciate the support you have given me.

    Hope your Christmas is the best one yet and wish you an even better year in

    Love to all of your family.

    'Ol madooo

  2. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Yes, you especially have a lot to be thankful for. Where would you be without the major help and support you’ve received.

  3. Thanks for the warm and insightful comment ! It's a big help, especially during this holiday season.

  4. Hey FredMikeRudy, Thanks for the "Greetings and heartfelt wishes". Sorry for the delay in replying, have been busy with the farmhouse and garden and stuff; You are always remembered at this time and all the year through. BTW; whos is anonymous and the nasty cooment, like who knows what you have and don't have, sounds a nasty character. All the same have a blast this "New Year" and all the year through.
    Bom Shamboo!!!!

  5. Well I'm glad you're able to make a comment, Rusty ! Anonymous is probably afraid of revealing his e-mail address for fear of Spam....and rightfully so.

    Boom badaak dishooom !