Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blank Noise update

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March 8: Blank Noise Action Heroes-Call for Submissions

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 6:39:01 AM

From: jasmeen patheja


Last year just before March 8, International Women's Day,
Blank Noise set up a blog-a-thon , linking all of you and
many other readers not on our mailing list, to each other
through a particularly sensitive and private subject -
the re-telling of experiences of street sexual harassment.
We thought the solidarity in numbers, the anonymity the
Internet offers and the significance of the day itself might
allow some people to tell stories they had never told before.
We expected some thoughtful stories, some provocative ones,
some that would disturb and stay with us, perhaps forever.

But we did not expect over 240 deeply personal testimonials
to come rushing out. We did not expect 131 comments on a
single post. We did not expect the media to pick it up the way
they did, with coverage ranging from regional to international.

This March 8, we're hoping to take the journey begun last year
one step forward. We've heard each other's testimonials, now
let's share each other's actions. On March 8, 2007, Blank Noise
launches an Action Heroes website, which collects no 'victim'
testimonials, no stories of bit-back hurt, no stories of
indifferent onlookers.

This archives and builds your testimonials of a situation where
you emerged as the hero! This space will launch with the
stories of action plans. Give us your strategies.
Your interventions. The time when you subverted a situation,
flipped it on its head and gave the 'perpetrator' no chance but
to stop what he was doing. Give us your success story. Tell us
action hero you are. We will post strategies and
interventions from eight countries up on our brand new
space on International Women's Day.

We're also looking for volunteers to help on this project:

Please email us if you can think you can help out: this is a
two-month project only and we could do with all hands on
board! Especially with reaching out to people who might not be
on the Internet or able to write....

We will have lots more details for you when you email , the words
"march 8 volunteer" in the subject line.

And of course, start writing straight away!**

Hope to hear back soon!
The Blank Noise team

Ph:+ 91 98734 85284 (In Delhi)

+ 91 98868 40612 (Bangalore)

Holla Back California

A sample piece along with guidelines
is available in PDF format

e-mail: frdmilltx (at) yahoo (dot) com

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