Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year's Eve Teasers 2

Aussie couple comes forward

A thoroughly dismaying follow up to
New Year's Eve Teasers
wherein we learn of multiple assaults on females in Mumbai.

Harassment and molestation takes place on a daily basis in this city,
on the street,
on trains, in buses, at bus stops.
The links below are to brief clips from CNN/IBN News video
which give an idea of the challenges that lie ahead for those who
are attempting to bring about change. People
I applaud like
Blank Noise Project in July 2006, and Hollaback NYC

Overpopulation, Poverty, Corruption, Illiteracy and Apathy
all contribute to this escalating problem.

For your mothers, for your sisters, spread the word !

Australian Couple Recalls Molestation Horror
Lee and Maya, a couple from Sydney were in Mumbai
new year's eve when a mob surrounded them
and molested Maya.
The tourist says she was badly bruised
and over 20 men tried to rip
off her clothes. The couple
somehow managed to escape and chose
not to file any police
complaint either. They only decided to voice their
experience after seeing the footage in news reports of a girl

(still untraced) being molested by the mob.
Link to CNN/IBN video

Mumbai Cop Held for Molestation
Constable Rajesh Pawar was reportedly hauled up by the public
and handed over to the Marine Drive Police Station for
the modesty of a young woman.
Link to CNN/IBN video

Mumbai's Image Forever Tarnished

As if this weren’t enough to tarnish the city’s image,
a 30-year-old
American tourist has said she was molested
while taking photographs
at the Prince of Wales Museum
in the Fort area of the city.

Link to CNN/IBN video

For your mothers, for your sisters, spread the word !

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