Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Free TV and Movies on your PC !

UPDATED - Dead links deleted 1/29/09

If I was looking to profit from this particular post,
I'd probably say something along these lines :

" WTF ? You refuse to pay hundreds of $$$ for Cable TV or
Satellite channels but you want to watch an Indian sitcom or
the news from the U.K.? How about Comedy Central,
Trance from France, or Japanese Game shows, or an oldie
Bond flick or a Silent Classic like 'M'?
Well, OK....grouch no more, my disturbed friend ! "

But I'm not out for profit
so enjoy these links
I've painstakingly put together.
All you need is basic
hi-speed internet, a little patience
(depending on your
personality/attitude) and lots of time to watch the
3,000+ channels available.

NEWS channels
Ov Guide rules !

CNN is EVERYWHERE! Just go to, wherever you are....

TV Serials/Full Blockbuster Movies/Anime/ Music

(No registration, but requires Free Google Video Player)
In addition to Oldies,TV, Cartoons, full Music albums,
Slideshows and Cricket, there's new full-length
Hollywood movies here :

new full-length Bollywood movies here :

Movies, Music and Documentaries and more

Global TV Portal

The Patient Channel

'Informative. Empowering. Accessible'. Not my words,
theirs. Viewed in many hospital waiting rooms and clinics.

For your online addiction.....
The Home Shopping Network

If you're having viewing problems e-mail me at:

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