Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

If you've never been there, you've missed some of the best

live music on the planet

Louis Armstrong once sang :
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
And miss it each night and day
I know I'm not wrong, this feeling's getting stronger
The longer, I stay away
Miss them moss-covered vines, the tall sugar pines
Where mocking birds used to sing
And I'd like to see that lazy Mississippi hurrying into spring
Interesting article from a native dated Feb. 2005
" People in New Orleans look like they've had a hard life. But when you stop
to ask someone for directions, you might get a little more than you asked for
- a story, a smile. Just think of it as a survival strategy.
I'd like to close with a few tips so you don't misunderstand us when you visit
New Orleans:
Never turn down an alcoholic beverage. You'll just have to drink something
stiffer. And if you refuse to drink at all, everyone will think you're an alcoholic.
One night in a bar, you start making eyes with a nice young lady, and she
starts making some back. Suddenly, you notice some guy staring at you.
Don't worry, it's probably just her boyfriend or her brother.
Don't be surprised if everyone seems to call you "darling" or "honey".
It's just our way of trying to be nice, and it doesn't mean anything...
unless, of course, the person who says it is interested in you.
If somebody asks you, "You want your po-boy dressed?", just say
"yes ma'am" or "yes sir", because you don't want to miss any of the
toppings on that sandwich with French bread. Within a radius of about
30 miles around the city, this question does not mean that someone is
trying to sell you an impoverished naked young male.
All of those musicians displaying their talents on the street are not dressed
like they only shop at secondhand stores so you will think they're poor and
give them more money. They really are poor.
And don't forget: we are all friendly, hospitable people who are always
willing to lend a helping hand and never get upset for no reason. Those
300 murders a year? That's just some crazy people..."

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