Friday, August 19, 2005

Outsourcing hits Hollywood

WASHINGTON: And now here comes Outsourcing, the movie.
Don't forget the comma in that previous sentence.

Hollywood will take a stab at the practice of outsourcing to India
as seen through the eyes of an American writer.
Universal Pictures has just bought the film rights to an Esquire
article titled "My Outsourced Life" by A.J.Jacobs, a scribe whose
off the wall feats include reading the 33-volume, 44-million word
Encylopoedia Britannica end-to-end.

"Jacobs, Esquire's editor-at-large, wrote the outsourcing article after he
discovered that he could farm out almost everything in his life to India,
from ordering his food to fighting with his wife.

"I got the idea while reading Tom Friedman's The World is Flat," he
explained in an interview to this correspondent on Wednesday.

"I divvied up my work life and home life and sent out the tasks to two
Bangalore-based companies. It was just wonderful."

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