Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Mahabaleshwar Throne

Once upon a time in India I was part of a Rock band known as
'Heat Wave' and in the summer of 1970 we found ourselves
in the historic hill resort of Mahabaleshwar (pics) in
Maharashtra state. We had contracted
with the Savoy, Savoy today
a Grade B local Hotel, to entertain the patrons every
evening for which we were provided with cash, board and lodging.
The lodging arrangement was an ancient house (a throwback to the
days of the British rule in India) with ample space for the five of us,
complete with some antique pieces of furniture. The most intriguing
piece there was a wooden toilet 'throne' with a sliding compartment for
removing a basin that collected one's body waste. Of course it was not
used by us since the domestic staff refused to clean it out. However,
we all took turns relaxing in this impromptu wooden armchair and I
must admit some of us even attempted to pee in it. Hey ~ we were
young college kids, and musicians coming of age in the 'hippie'
era. We were forced to resort to our own minds for entertainment
in those days before the advent of TV in India.
Thirty-five years later, I discover this state-of-the art medieval-looking
'Throne' suitable for anyone with a sense of humour and a fat wallet.
Just wish I had taken a photo of that ancient piece of s&5!**@!!
Official Product Details via The
"A throwback to the medieval era of knights, castles and fairy tale romance,
this throne toilet with French Merovingian style (8th century) is highlighted
by hand painted earthenware accessories (Musset poem, ashtray...)
Its high-profile seat back with a gothic-arch top and full armrests give the
toilet a majestic appearance. Inscribed on the seat back is a poem by
the French poet, Alfred de Musset.

The musical chime "Le Bon Roi Dagobert", with a voice reciting the Musset
poem, starts when you raise the lid and a bell is coupled with the flush,
making a visit to the bathroom an unforgettable experience." 

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