Friday, September 30, 2005

US and India brave Hurricane Rita Together

When my nephew Vic answered a call from two
lady friends running out of gas on the evacuation
route, I thought of how miserable they must have
felt to be moving forward at six inches an hour.
They were calling him from hundreds of miles away to
ask where they could find a gas station near them.
I suggested an online Map search and after some
Googling they had their answer. Little did we know that
in the meantime....

From an article in the
Hindustan Times :
'From half a world away, Indian operators provided
valuable tips on evacuation: the getaway routes that
Texans should take, places where they can find food,
gasoline, shelter etc. And the operators stayed extra
hours as they "felt the pain" of those running for cover

....No complaints this time round of India's "snatching
of jobs" or the incomprehensible "thick Indian accent"
— a factor that not long ago prompted Dell Computers
to shift a good chunk of its customer support base from India.'
Link to a good article.

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