Sunday, October 08, 2006

Brangelina in Pune Rickshaw !!

Now a follow up to a previous Brangelina post :
Yes, it's true, they are in my old hometown of Pune, India !

is to play the part of Marianne, wife of

journalist Daniel Pearl
, who was abducted and killed by
militants in Karachi in 2002.....

They toured Pune by Autorickshaw, during a spell of torrential
rain while media and the masses alike being true to form
braved the weather and the heavy security* to get
a glimpse of the world's most famous celeb couple.
Stay tuned, I believe this to be the event that puts Pune in all
the Gossip magazines.......

Pune rocks, say Jolie, Pitt
- It’s what two lucky fans were told when they asked
the celebrity couple how their stay in Pune was
by Sachin Haralkar, the Mumbai Mirror

The most coveted destination continued to be the Le Meridien
in Pune on the fourth day of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s stay
in the city. There were no signs of the hysteria ebbing, and
Sunday saw the maximum number of people surrounding the
place to catch a glimpse of the celebrity couple.

Continuing to roam the streets in a rickshaw, the couple had a
different agenda on Sunday. They changed their rickshaw on
reaching the Inox theatre to give people the slip. But not before
acknowledging the crowds by waving and shaking hands with them.

For call centre employees Sandeep Mahadik and Bhupendra Tenisari,
who trailed the couple on their bikes, it was a ride they will always
treasure. “I shook hands with Brad and greeted both of them.
Both were very friendly and gave us the victory sign. We asked them
how they were finding their stay in Pune, to which they replied,

Jolie's bodyguard assaults photographer

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