Saturday, October 07, 2006

Madooo now on MySpace

Hi again! Just an update with more details as to the contents of the
videos and more specific links!!

If you have down time over the weekend, I've updated some info,
please spend a moment and check out my videos at in the video area.
There are 8 videos in all, 4 of them from Deutsch Talent Contests
listed below.

1) Elvis Impersonation, from 2000 at the Commons
2) Jim Morrison Impersonation from 2001at the Commons
3) Deutsch Inferno from 2004 at the ROXY
4) A Beatle Tribute from my CD, at Deusch Contest 2006 at the Commons

The others are:
5) "Spill The Wine" singing at CGBG's Gallery 2 weeks ago, with
Lucille's Mixed Nuts
6) "Start It Up" a Robben Ford Blues Cover, at ACE with Blue Rooster
7) The 9/11 Memorial Song which I wrote and sang. I put the video
together to help us 'Never Forget"
8) Another Beatle Cover from 1988 where I tried to come across as a
cross between KISS and a singing Maharajah from India. Scary! So gave up
the idea.

The videos are also on YouTube as MADOOOS VIDEOS
all of them in the 1st link below
or individually below as in the same order:

So if any of them are to your liking, could you please forward the
links to your myspace friends, who may enjoy them too.
And if you have a myspace account and like what you see, I like to be
added as a friend. and we can support each others hobbies, and network
when not at work. Sorry if some of this information is a repeat.

And my website is:


Madhu Dhas
Deutsch Studio NY

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