Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Madooo's Toronto Gig

Hi again!

I had a blast at the Toronto Beatles Celebration,
last month.
I took a bunch of exclusive pix there which have
been posted on their official
site.....put together as a slide show
by the producers at

I was very well received by the producers and now find out that
I may even
get on the main stage as a performer next year.
I happily find myself in
some of the pix too. The ones I specially
like of me are sitting on the actual
car that was used in
Paul McCartney's "BroadStreet Movie"
From my perspective I recall : Paul Saltzman who has this
tremendous book with
photographs of the Beatles In India,
who has now become a friend.
So has Bruce Spizer, historian
and writer of multiple Beatle books (He is
the ultimate authority
on Beatle-facts!)
Then there was Pete Best, the original drummer
of the Beatles
and Terry from the Hollies.
May Pang was getting great response for her interview and books.
And Pete Bennett, producer for "Concert for Bangladesh"....
with writer and producer
Doug Thompson interviewing them all
And Chris...The MellotronMan, who gave us all an in-depth
explanation on how
the Mellotron was used in songs like
"Strawberry Fields Forever"
Canada's very own: Hal Bruce and
Host: Greg, also an author, doing a great job.
And even
the Mayor of Toronto was there, whom I had a privilege of
and he graciously accepted my "Beatle Tribute from
India" CD
Fab Four" the great Tribute Band, which above all
were so close to
resemblance besides the music of
And in the end you'll see pix of the producer
David Goyotte, with his
beautiful wife Victoria with champagne.

Madhu Dhas

By the way, if you view any of the 8 videos on YouTube at
the links
below, pls rate it: Good or Bad.

http://www.myspace.com/madooocom http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Madoooker

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