Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pune Goes WiFi

Pic by Pierre Rouss /Virtual Tourist

As of April 3rd 2007, my old hometown Pune is the first wireless
city thanks to the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) hooking
with Intel India and Microsense. Hope all my friends in Pune
planning to avail themselves of this breakthrough technology !
Link to Financial Express article

IndiaNewsBox :: India is all the news you can use concerning India,
all under one roof. That includes pages bloated with endless pop-ups
for Matrimonials from, Bollywood Gossip and the latest
cricket scores, not to mention Flash-driven animations at every turn.
Even with a good broadband connection this gives my eyes a case
of the jitters.

To overcome this case of the jitters I simply use the best browser on
the planet, Firefox. If you're still using the IE option to go online, do
a favor and download Firefox free and keep it as an additional
on your PC. Soon you will be changing your settings to make it
the default
browser at startup. The themes and add-on extensions are
always free
and work great. I could go on and on about this and I have for
a few years
now. Go get it !

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