Monday, April 23, 2007

Teachers purify students with cow urine

No, this is not 'Weird News' or 'Odd News of the Day'

It's about racism and apartheid and hatred and more
all cloaked in good ol' fashioned Religion.

Teachers at a school in Mumbai India were ordered by the
new school Principal to sprinkle the low-caste students with
cow's urine as a means of cleansing them from the evil they
carried around with them as part of their low-caste status.

Since the cow is regarded a deity in Hinduism, the act would be
akin to a Baptism by holy water, assuming the person wished to
be baptized. That's not what happened here. Instead the students
in question complained it was humiliating, and the parents had the
two teachers arrested.

Quote from Yahoo news article :

' India's secular constitution bans caste discrimination,
but Dalits --those at the bottom of the caste system --
are still commonly beaten or killed for using a well or
worshipping at a temple reserved for upper castes, especially
in rural areas.

Dalits, once known as "untouchables," make up around 160
million of India's billion-plus population.

In February, the New York-based Human Rights Watch group
said India is failing to protect its lower-caste citizens, who were
condemned to a lifetime of abuse because of their social status. '

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