Friday, April 20, 2007

RESPECT: India's Biggest Small Wedding

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The wedding took place in Mumbai, India....sorry you couldn't be there ;-)

From the BBC :

' A friend of the family said the Bachchans wanted to keep it
small as the groom's grandmother is unwell and undergoing
treatment in hospital. ' **



Meanwhile in Jodhpur ...

' the hurly burly is yet undone. British actor
Elizabeth Hurley's Indian wedding with Mumbai-based
businessman Arun Nayar is not even a month old when, first, an
anguished father's outcry against being left out in the cold, followed
by a suit slapped against the couple for "making a mockery" of
Hindu customs, threaten to leave a sour after-taste following the
culinary delights served at the reception. ' (Times of India report)

It's all about RESPECT. You dis your parents in public on the most
important day of your lives, you deserve your comeuppance.

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