Thursday, April 26, 2007

Richard Gere Is Wanted

Previously in A Kiss is Just A Kiss ! I said, ' Which part of
' a kiss is just a kiss ' do they not understand ?'

Now hear this: A judge in the northern city of Jaipur
viewed a video of the incident and ordered the arrest of
Richard Gere
on charges of violating Indian obscenity laws.
Read the Yahoo News article

I looked at the pics again

and my conclusion is that ol' Richard
went a
bit over the top. He is a highly likeable actor, a devout
Buddhist and longtime vocal
supporter of the Tibetan cause.
He makes frequent visits to the
Dalai Lama, who lives in exile
in northern India. You would think
all those trips to meditate in
an Indian monastery would have
produced in Mr. Gere a deeper
awareness of the South Asian sensibility......
heck, he even made
a film called Red Corner,

where he is an American attorney on business in China
who ends up wrongfully
on trial for murder, and his only key to
innocence is a female lover/defense
lawyer from the country.
So he may have been the stupid Yank who was unaccustomed
to the ways of the Chinese in the flick but will real life imitate
Art here ?
Will justice be served according to Indian law ?
I don't think Shilpa Shetty will prevail in further defense of
Mr. Gere even if she is a Bollywood
goddess and is currently
enjoying 'most-favored' status in the U.K. for her stint on
'Big Brother'

So will Richard Gere ever be able to return to India to meditate
more deeply on this ? I don't know. All I know is that Ms. Shetty
is getting more mileage out of this and she should thank ME !

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