Friday, April 27, 2007

This Email is Not For You

The ONE Campaign

It's for your friend.

So far this week more than 74,329 Americans have joined the fight
against extreme poverty making us the fastest growing movement
in America. Let's keep it that way.

To truly eradicate extreme poverty once and for all we need a
strong and sizable block of Americans working to make poverty a
priority. To this end, I am issuing a challenge to all members: get at least
ONE friend to sign up and join ONE and help end poverty. Let's add
25,000 more members by Wednesday, making it 100,000 new
members in one week. Forward this email to at least ONE friend
and ask them to go to and sign up.

To keep track of our progress we will replace the standard counter on the
front of with a counter showing the number of new members.
You can help raise this number by forwarding this e-mail to a friend and
sending them to where they can sign the ONE Declaration and
using their voice to end poverty.

Thanks to Idol Gives Back, over 30 million people learned about
the ONE Campaign on Wednesday. One by one we're growing, and
making a difference, whether it is successfully pushing for billions of
dollars of poverty fighting funding, or crucial trade reforms, we are

Keep up the amazing work.

Thank you,

Susan McCue,

P.S. I have already answered my own challenge by calling my friend
Harlan Coben,
New York Times bestselling author of The Woods, and
explained how he can make a
difference in the fight against poverty.
Now he and his family are members of ONE.

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