Saturday, February 24, 2007

FTV : Quote of the Day

In an attempt to stay globally competitive in India,
Fashion TV (FTV)
an International cable TV channel
constantly pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable
on TV in India by offering sexy music videos, advertisements
and catwalk images one would normally associate with high
fashion worldwide. This being India, the old school mentality
walks a fine line once again. FTV India now faces a major
hurdle in the form of complaints from schools and colleges
about the airing of raunchy broadcasts during children's
viewing hours. More responsible programming is all it will take
according to
Priyaranjan Dasmunsi, India's cabinet minister
for Parliamentary Affairs and Info, and he certainly has a nice
style in his remarks :

"I say show it, have your business, (but) make a restricted
viewing. Let people see all this from 11 in the night
to 5
in the morning. Let them suffer insomnia and see the
(and have) work problems."

Here's a link to a related Reuters news article via Yahoo News

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