Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pinky v6 from

I have always loved the Kung Fu genre of film
from the early Bruce Lee days and after coming
to America in 1976 I often watched 3 matinees in a
row in New York's Chinatown and Times Square.
I quickly realized that the only redeeming feature of
these films for me was their unintended B-movie quality
which were a source of great laughs for me, reminiscent of
the Bollywood movies back home in India. Then I sunk
even further as I deliberately sought out John Waters-type
unabashed humor. The website
named has a growing collection of
Kung Faux
films where they have dubbed old Martial Arts
movies with
dialogue and voices from the Black Gangsta
in the hood arena.

This one seems
to be the most successful one so far as
regards humor
and synchronization. I think it's hilarious and
you can judge for yourself but be warned, you have to
watch this with an open mind and with the kids
out of the room !

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