Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hannes Coetzee: Spoon Slider

pombanduwong wants to share a video with you

Pom Banduwong is an old friend from Thailand
whom I met i
n Poona, India back in the '70s while
he was a B. Com
student - and an avid music fan/musician
as I am.
He went on to become a manager at Bangkok Bank
but his love for all things musical continues. Some thirty years
later we still share our passion for music via the world wide web.

Slide Blues players like John Mayall, Duane Allman,
Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal
and others from the '50s on have
always fascinated me and
I let many years slide away (pun intended)
trying to master slide guitar technique, using old plumbing pipes
that had been steel-plated, and also tried using old bottle necks,
knives, forks, drumsticks - anything that would produce that
mesmerising glissando which is almost voice-like sometimes.

Pom remembered stuff like that when he dug up this
YouTube clip...."Karoo Kitaar Blues follows
South African songwriter
David Kramer and
slide guitarist Hannes Coetzee into remote regions of South Africa
on their quest to find
musicians who play an almost forgotten folk music."

Alternate WMV link

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