Friday, June 29, 2007

Is Amy Winehouse Scary ?

Every now and then a new female singer comes along and
blows me away with her fresh sound and genuine vocal
talent. Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Beyonce and
Jones all came from a Motown/Gospel/Blues
background and
performed incredibly well for newcomers.

So this week I'm
hooked on someone who's returned after
a three-year absence
and about whom I had no clue :
Amy Winehouse.

With a deep voice that's got the old Soul/Motown sound with

some contemporary Jazz overtones, this Jewish female from
the UK looks like she will be around for a while, which is what
I hope for. The Amy Winehouse video below is courtesy of
Brightcove and it's called 'Rehab' - a subject that's been in the
news often recently thanks to
certain celebs like Britney Spears
and Lindsay Lohan. From the looks of things, Amy seems
to be
more than familiar with this type of situation....
anyway, her singing
almost made me forget the serious subject matter of the song

But I'm scared for this woman after seeing Billie Holiday,
Garland, Liza Minelli,Janis Joplin,
Whitney and so
many other superb talents leaving fans
high and dry after
succumbing to the party lifestyle.

So why ask if Amy is scary ?
The tattoos and wafer-thin arms and legs on the left (click on pic)

scare me because it's a newer, post-' Rehab ' image and perhaps
some Anorexia Rehab may be in order.....
hope you enjoy the
music as much as I did.

Her great-looking Official site here


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