Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Rita - the misadventure begins

6 pm : got a voicemail from the Seabrook P.D. about the impending
mandatory orders for all residents to evacuate starting Thu. morning.
So instead of waiting for the exodus, my sis, her family and myself will
be heading north early tomorrow morning in her minivan. May wind up
in a Huntsville motel if we get lucky, in a shelter if not.

Taking 1 dufflebag with three changes of clothing, toiletries, and 1 book.
And that's all I'll have if I ever get back to Houston and find my car and
apartment dry and still in one piece.

I wasn't planning on leaving, but why be forced out by the cops ?
Phones have already started acting weird. Can't dial out on cell or
landline but this dial-up modem connection is working fine. I'm
typing what may be my last e-mail...for awhile, hopefully.
My cell phone may actually give me e-mail alerts but I hope that doesn't
include Spam.

Stores sold out of water hours ago. Must buy beer ASAP....

Animated Hurricane Rita tracker from

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