Thursday, August 09, 2007


Dear Blank Noise readers/ supporters :
The following people have participated in " Excuse Me?" :
  • Surbhi Goel,
  • Sneha Bhat
  • Payal Kamat
  • Jyotsna Mandana
  • Naeem Mohaiemen
  • Soumya C Shekhar
  • Ratna Apnender
  • Shikha Sethi
  • Iz
  • Chaitra Yadavar
  • Nayantrana Abreo
  • Vinita Bharadwaj
  • Nabila Zaidi
  • Annie Zaidi
  • Neelam Jain
  • Raheema Begum
  • MIchaela
  • Paige Trabulsi
  • Reema Banerjee
  • Sneha Singh
  • Chitra Badrinarayan
  • Meghana Chythanya
  • Ruchika Bahl
  • Anusha Hari
  • Ratna, Shravanthi
  • Hemangini Gupta
  • Sindhu Menon
  • Jasmeen Patheja,....
  • Neeti Jain
  • Beatrice Jauregui
  • Tanisha Soni
  • and you?
30+ people have sent in their responses to being called
fruits, vegetables, meat, animals, things, objects

We already have a list of over 100 ridiculous and
words/ statements being prepared.
Please email us your list by the 14th of August. Be an agent,
get family members/ friends/ peers/ colleagues/ acquaintances/
strangers to re call the same.....make that list and send it to
us asap!
The responses will be up and out on the blog. besides
that they may be printed in the eve teasing dictionary that we have
collectively built/ and or might be announced out loud in public.
Your name will not be printed if you choose to be anonymous.

Be it malai ( cream), watermelon, samosa, or any thing else
that makes you look back and ask " are you talking to me???"

Think back and send in that list.

Thank you for your support and encouragement over the years!
This time we ask you to participate, yet again! Hurry!

In spirit

Blank Noise
mob : 0049 152059 13339


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