Monday, August 20, 2007

More Water, Less Weight

Real old news by now. Bears repeating since it
reinforces your resolve, refreshes your retention
and rocks your rectum....really !

Real Tip for Aug. 21, 2007
Here's the deal, dieters. You'll make great strides in your
effort to lose weight if you get a little extra of this
past your
lips: water.
Upping your daily water intake by 33 ounces --
about 4 additional cups -- could help you melt an
additional 2.5 pounds over the course of a yearlong diet.
Here's the simple science behind the claim.

Water, Water Everywhere

When researchers evaluated the water-drinking habits
of overweight women who were following various popular
diets (from Ornish to Atkins), water intake helped tip the
scales in the right direction. The women who either upped
their water intake or replaced sweet drinks with water lost
about an extra 2.5 pounds. But it had to be water:
Switching to or adding diet drinks didn't have the same
(Read this article on the smart way to use sugar

Why Water's Great
So how does H2O give dieters an edge? It may be that
drinking water helps reduce calorie intake -- you're full of
water, so you eat less! It could also be that the agua alters
your metabolism in some helpful way. Just keep in mind
that drinking water, by itself, doesn't melt pounds.
The women who benefited from the extra H2O were
already on reduced-calorie eating plans.
(Drinking water may be good for this, too.)

How much water do you need each day?
This article can help you figure it out.

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