Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Terrorism is Alive and Well: Proof

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The Global Incident Map
A Warning :The knowledge gained here is not
guaranteed to impress your local Security Agency
and may even put you on one of their trackers as
a link to Terrorist activities. Then again, maybe not.
You just never know.

If you really need to know of Terrorist activity in any part
of the world for whatever reason, this site uses Google
maps to provide you with the details including the link to
newspapers that carry the latest details of the incident.
I tried it out for Texas, which is where I live and here's
what I found :
[The Monitor] TEXAS
McAllen airport reopens after bomb scare

"Police have reopened McAllen-Miller International Airport after
multiple electronic messages claiming a bomb was in the facility
forced an evacuation at about 11:30 a.m"
Link to map of incident above

NPR Interview with Morgan Clements, founder and
publisher of the Global Incident Map

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